3M has released a new LED powered projector which can easily fit in your pocket and in the palm of your hand.  The MPro110 offers a VGA projection of up to 50 inches and comes in at less than a pound.  The projector accepts various inputs from a DVD, MP3 player or Laptop.  The MPro110 is available for $359.00 at your local electronics retailer.


I had some time to play with the MPro110 and although it was very small and portable, the screen resolution was not great in lighted room.  The colors were washed out and we assume would improve with the lights off. If you bring the screen to monitor size, at 17-19 inches, you get a decent picture.  The device was considerably hot, but not hot enough to concern, but may pose long-time reliability issues.  We could recommend this projector if you need something ultra-portable, but if you are looking for something with higher definition, you will want to look elsewhere.