In the ongoing need to find protection for the iPhone 3G there are many offerings from a variety of places.  One of the most complete packages available, comes from Switcheasy, who makes a few of the nicer iPhone and iPod protection solutions. 


The first thing you notice when you order a Switcheasy case, is that it comes surprisingly fast, considering that all of their products only cost $3.00 for shipping.  Switcheasy shipped the Capsule Rebel from California, and three days later I found myself unboxing the item in New York.  Switcheasy has paid attention to detail and this shows from the first viewing of the case.  First, we need to tell you that the Capsule Rebel is available in many different color combinations, from Arctic, being reviewed here, to Red and Tiger, all in all, giving you 11 choices.  Nicely Presented with your color of choosing is an easy to open, color-matched package.  There is no blister pack here, just some cardboard and tape, with plastic to open once removed.






Upon Opening the package, you are presented with a small accessories box.  This box includes a dock adapter to allow the iPhone to fit with the case in place, a stand to lie the iPhone on its side and watch movies while in its case, and a port protector for the dock connector when not in use. 

Within the case is a piece of cardboard which looks like the screen of the iPhone and holds in place some of the many pieces included in this package.  You receive a microfiber cloth, two screen protectors, a squeegee, and the instructions for installation.



Starting with the case itself you have soft silicone, which is the part making contact with the iPhone.  You then have a more rigid, flexible spine, which sits in the silicone and adds strength and style to the case.  Some of the cases have similar colors for the silicone and spine, while others such as the Tiger color option, have contrasting colors.


The Capsule Rebel is well made and trimmed nicely from the factory.  While some of the colors such as Arctic, show two distinct dots from the injection molding process, darker colors hide this well.  The arctic case also shows a molding line running across it horizontally about 3/4 of the way up the back.  Switcheasy also states this information about manufacturing on their site to keep you informed of what you are getting once purchased.


Once you install the screen protector and get all the air bubbles out with the provided squeegee, you then slide the soft silicone on from top to bottom.  You then click the spine in place, again from top to bottom, install the dock connector plug and your Capsule Rebel is now installed. 



The case is made well enough that when installed, you get full protection for the iPhone.  The chrome bezel is covered, as well as the top button to lock the phone and the volume rocker switch.  The only exposed button is the silent/vibrate switch, but it is recessed to avoid any damage from a fall.  The speakers are recessed behind the case, but the holes in the case allow for full volume and line up perfectly.  The Capsule Rebel does not add much bulk, maybe 2-3mm with almost no weight, and allows for easy entry to and from the pocket.  The quality of the silicone is such that it does not collect lint or stick to anything else, but is soft enough to allow for a confident grip on your iPhone. 



There are a few negatives with the Capsule Rebel.  The arctic color we used here looks great and was chosen so you can still see the Apple logo.  The negative to the transparency is that you can see where the silicone is touching the iPhone’s back and also hides that nice shine of the iPhone itself, giving the phone a dull look.  The only other negative is that it is not easy to remove the case if you have a dock, not designed for the case, such as those found in many cars or home speaker solutions.


Although there are a few negative, the protection from the Capsule Rebel as well as the unique style make the Rebel a definite choice for anyone looking for a full protective solution to their iPhone 3G.  The amount of value for $24.99 you get with all the accessories and attention to detail, make this case one you can be sure that protects your iPhone for years to come against scratches and falls.




We also did an unboxing and hands-on review. If you want a higher resolution video, please click the video link to youtube. Watch Below:



We give this case a 4.5 out of 5, only taking off for the few disadvantages of the color above and the removal difficulty.


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