VMware recently updated to 2.0, they have just released an update bringing us to 2.0.1.  This fixes general bugs and nuances to further improve the experience.  See the updates below:


  • Contains bug fixes described in Resolved Issues
  • Now shows application badge instead of generic document icons when assigning Windows applications to Mac documents
  • Greatly reduced initial pause when opening mirrored or shared folders
  • No longer disables certain shared folders and mirrored folders that were nested folders. The potential data loss issue with nested shared folders has been resolved
  • No longer publishes Windows guest applications to Mac if Allow the virtual machine to open applications on your Mac is unchecked in virtual machine Settings > Sharing
  • AutoProtect postpones taking a snapshot when the user is interacting with the virtual machine
  • No longer maps Num Pad Enter to AltGr by default for non-European keyboards
  • Brings back the Enable Hints menu item in Help menu


[VMWare] via [TUAW]