Mac Update has a new deal for this Holiday season.  They are offering 10 applications for $49 and the first 5000 also get an 11th app, iDive.  This is a great deal if you need some apps for virus, diagnosis or optimization.  See the list after the Jump.  


Drive Genius 2 ($99): diagnoses and repairs problems with your hard drive, optimizes your system, and more.
RapidWeaver 4 ($79): Create professional-looking Web sites quickly and easily. 
DefaultFolder X 4 ($34.95): Fly through Open & Save dialog boxes at lightning speed. 
VirusBarrier X 10.5 ($69.95): Fast, simple, and non-intrusive anti-virus software.
MacGourmet Deluxe ($44.95): Like iTunes for food, track recipes, plan meals, manage wines, and more.
LittleSnitch 2 ($29.95): Monitors your network connection to make sure your Mac only sends out what you want it to.
KeyCue 4 ($27): Displays full keyboard shortcuts for all your applications 
MacPilot 3 ($19.95): Access hundreds of hidden features to customize and improve your Mac OS X experience.
WhatSize 4 ($12.99): Identify files that are hogging disk space.
iVolume 3 ($29.95): Ensures all your iTunes tracks play back at the same volume level.