If you are still looking for a network based storage solution, look no further.  You have probably heard of the Drobo by now and that is a testament to how good it is.  The Drobo offers you a network based storage solution that not only offers easy accessibility to your files, but takes care of pooling and backing up your data without the hassle of worrying about manual backups.  The Drobo can hold up to four, 4GB drives and then pools those drives into one large storage unit.  If a drive fails, remove it and plug a new one in, and the Drobo will keep you from losing any of that data. It then will re-pool the new drive automatically.  The Drobo also offers features such as an add-on iTunes server, among many other available applications.  If you do not yet have a storage solution or know someone who needs one, Drobo should be at the top of your list.