Konami today confirmed that the next Metal Gear will be "Metal Gear Solid Touch".  There are no details yet, but this is just a testament to how profitable and popular the iPhone and iPod Touch have become along with the app store.  Konami also confirmed four games total: 


  • Dance Dance Revolution S Lite, "a music game where you tap the arrow icons that appear at the bottom of the screen in time with music."
  • Silent Hill: The Escape, "a first-person 3D shooting game that lets players utilize the control features only found on the iPhone and iPod touch …"
  • Frogger, "a simple game" which probably doesn’t require any further explanation.
  • Metal Gear Solid Touch, "an original game that brings to life the world and characters" of MGS4. Eight "touch shooting" levels will be available in the initial release, with more to follow.