There are many choices today for a protective covering when it comes to your iPhone 3G.  Some manufacturers offer inexpensive screen protectors, cases, slip covers and folios, then there is Otterbox.  Otterbox has the Defender, which offers us an industrialized 3-layer protection system that is a case and screen cover with holster.  

   Otterbox has given us a case which is truly the most rugged case I have come across for the iPhone 3G.  The case is aimed at the rugged workplace, anyone who is into outdoor sports or someone who just wants to have the ultimate in protection for their iPhone.  

   When you open the box for the first time, all you will see is the case, instructions and that is it.  There is no protection in the box for the case and with good reason.  This case is tough and in layers as previously mentioned.  Once you read the lengthy instructions and begin disassembly, you see just how safe your iPhone will be once it is incased within the Defender.  



  The inside layer of protections is a hard, protective plastic which has a cutout for the Apple logo, camera and of course the screen, but all are protected with clear plastic.  The plastic touches the screen and is very reactive, just as the normal glass screen of the iPhone is, with no lag to note. There is also a cutout for the speakers and microphone, both of which are protected with a polyester or cotton covering.  

  Once you have your iPhone inside the plastic case, you then install the silicone layer around it.  This is not your typical gel skin or silicone and feels as though it is 2-3 times the thickness of anything else I have seen or used.  The silicone layer is soft and not too grippy to the touch.  It does not seem that it would hold a lot of lint if you were to throw it into your pocket and there is no place for lint to enter into the case itself past the silicone layer.  



  This leads us to the 3rd layer of protection, which is the holster with clip.  Otterbox includes a nice holster clip for your case to rest in or be used for viewing videos.  The plastic is fairly thick and in keeping with the theme, very protective.  The holster holds your case tightly, face-in, but more loosely face-out for your viewing pleasure.  The clip turns as to allow for viewing and also clips open to assist with this function. 

   There is only one downside to a case of this protectiveness of which is the obvious, size.  The size is substantial and is perfect for using when bumps and scratches may be of often concern.  In most cases you would not want to have such a case in your pocket, hence the included holster.  



  There are really only good things to say about the Otterbox Defender case.  The case does its job well and holds up to just about anything, with the exception of outright abuse.  The one negative, mentioned previously may turn you off, but that is not why you buy a case with this amount of protection.  This case is for the serious working/sporting man (person) and should be on the top of the list where ruggedness and durability are the priority for any phone or device you carry.


Unboxing and Video Review Below: 



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