We have heard this about a thousand times now and Apple keeps denying it.  This is the fact that a tablet-based Mac is in the works.  There is no doubt Apple has been toying with the idea or has at least once, as they have a research department.  The new patent describes the following:



[0015]As a housing for a computer device, one embodiment of the invention includes: a front shell; a back shell coupled to said front shell to produce said housing, electrical components for the computer device being internal to said housing; and a foam stiffener provided internal to said housing to substantially fill unused space internal to said housing, thereby providing stiffness to said housing.


[0017]As a computer system, one embodiment of the invention includes: an antenna, said antenna being configured to transmit or receive RF signals; and a computer housing, said computer housing being configured to enclose said antenna such that said antenna is entirely contained internal to said computer housing and is operable while being internal to said computer housing without having to extend any portion of said antenna outside said computer housing.


This could be a simple wireless display technology or it could be a new Mac tablet.  Whatever it is, I seriously doubt we will see it any time soon, although I would love to.


[via electronicpulp] via [Gizmodo]