There are plenty of services that are available to share large files, but why not utilize a service that you already pay for.  Apple has now made large file sharing via iDisk in MobileMe a reality.  Simply send your share-person a link and they will be able to download the file that you spent time thinking about and putting into your iDisk.  See all the details from Apple below, and for more info you can watch their tutorial as well.




We’re pleased to announce that you can now use your MobileMe iDisk to share files with others simply and easily. Instead of attaching a large document to an email and hoping it’s not too big to be received, you can place the file in your iDisk and use the new Share File command in the iDisk web app. It lets you send your friends, family, or colleagues a link they can click to download the file directly. You can password protect the link if you choose to and even set how long it will be available.


The process is a simple matter of going to iDisk on, selecting the file you want to share, and clicking the Share File button. This tutorial shows how easy it is.