If you have looked for industrial protection for your BlackBerry Curve, then you have had to come across Otterbox at some point during your search.  Otterbox is known for offering ultimate protection from the elements for many different portable devices.  The Defender Series that we take a look at below has their “3 Layer Protection System”.  This offers the ultimate in protection from the elements while still allowing your device to maintain the usability its creators intended.



The Defender Series Case for the BlackBerry Curve offers an industrial look and protection for the Curve.  The look of the hard case in black is only enhanced by the outer silicone shell.  In using many cases prior to the Otterbox, both hard shell and silicone, you always have to make a compromise on protection and feel.  With the Defender Case you get the combined protection of a hard shell, with the soft, grippy feel of a silicone case.  




The case itself adds a bit of bulk to the BlackBerry, but as usual, Otterbox has included a holster with a clip to remedy the issue.  The intended user of an Otterbox case most likely will not mind the compromise they will have to make for size versus protection.  The Defender Series is for the user who is outdoors or in an industrial situation where the BlackBerry cannot adequately protect itself for the duration it was intended.  


The three separate layers that Otterbox mentions, starts with a flexible plastic cover.  This covers the entire device, both front and back, while leaving a hold for the “pearl” or click-ball.  The first layer fits nicely over the keyboard and screen, but will take a little work to get the air out of the screen protection area.  The second layer is comprised of a hard shell plastic case which encloses the whole of the device while leaving the keyboard and screen area exposed.  The third layer is a shock-resistant rubberized silicone that wraps itself around the hard shell. 



The well thought out design of the case allows easy access to all buttons and accessory connections.  Where usb and power adapters are needed, there are flaps which close to protect them when not in use.  Where there are speakers and microphone, there is a web of nylon covering them.  The fit and finish of the case is superb and shows that the creators of this system of protection, care deeply for their products and those who use them.  




After having reviewed the Otterbox Defender for the Curve, I decided to hand the case off to someone else and allow them to use it for a few days to get their opinion on it as well.  Below, you will find their mini review, giving their thoughts on the case.




We also did an unboxing…Watch Below and be sure to watch in high quality:






[Otterbox Defender For BlackBerry Curve] $49.95