You bought a BlackBerry Storm because you wanted a touch-screen, but you needed the business functionality that BackBerry offers.  The only problem you faced with the BlackBerry Storm is that you work at a place of business that could potentially pose as a hazard to your phone, let alone a phone with a touch-screen.  This is where Otterbox comes in.  As most of you who read this already know, Otterbox offers industrial protection for your everyday devices.  



   Their new Defender Case for the BlackBerry Storm offers protection that is rivaled by almost no other.  Per Otterbox, the “Defender Series™ case is stylish and slim in design, while still offering unparalleled protection against harmful drops, bumps, shocks, scratches, dings and dust. We designed this case to provide full access to all buttons, ports and functions of your smartphone. Use the camera, charge your phone, make calls…do it all right through the OtterBox. Included with the case is a ratcheting belt clip.”




The differentiating factor for the Defender Series as opposed to your average case, is their 3-Layers system of protection.  This system is comprised of a built-in screen protector which allows ample room for the clickable touch-screen to depress.  The screen cover also allows for the sensitivity of the original touch-screen while protecting it from scratches.   You then have the surrounding of a protective plastic layer.  The plastic is of a high grade durable plastic and allows for protection from scratches.  The plastic layer also has cutouts for the microphone and speaker, but is covered with a cloth, preventing dust and lint from entering the case. The third layer is a thick, rubberized silicone which gives the phone a grippy feel as well as gives superior shock protection from falls.  The silicone has flaps which cover your typical ports to keep out dust and debris when not in use.



In daily use of the case we have found that it is a little bulky, but this is expected given this level of protection.  To handle this bulk, or to just give you more choices, Otterbox has included a thick plastic holster with clip.  The clip rotates a full 360 degrees and allows the Storm to sit sideways for video viewing.  If you like to slip the phone in your pocket, you will need a decent amount of room, but the size is not unlike that of your typical flip-phone in thickness.  The grippy silicone does collect lint if kept in your pocket, but is easily removed with a damp cloth.  The silicone does provide great grip as opposed to the stock BlackBerry and will allow you to hold it securely in your hand.



Overall we must say that Otterbox has continued to offer the best in protection when it comes to your prized gadgets and devices.  If you are in need of protecting your Storm from the elements of the outdoors or the grease and grime of your industry, then Otterbox has your case.



After having reviewed the Otterbox Defender for the Storm, I decided to hand the case off to someone else and allow them to use it for a few days to get their opinion on it as well.  Below, you will find their mini review, giving their thoughts on the case.



We also did an unboxing…Watch Below and be sure to watch in high quality:




[Otterbox Defender For BlackBerry Storm] $49.95