The current prices of AT&T’s plans are of the astronomical sort.  I admit, the cost is so high it has made me consider going the way of the Palm Pre, should it be significantly less.  The typical iPhone plan starts at $75 and goes over $150 from there. 


Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu suggested that "AT&T should revisit its current data plan options for the iPhone to keep it competitive in the tough economic climate. Now, it seems that recent moves by rival carriers to lower prices put additional pressure on AT&T to do the same, according to Wu’s latest report to investors."


Rival carriers have begun lowering their pricing and some giving unlimited voice in certain areas for bargain basement prices.  Although we doubt we will see any change in the near future, we certainly can hope that offerings from Sprint, Verizon and other carriers bring some competition to the marketplace in order to get AT&T to lower their overpriced fees.