We have all been wondering when is the release of Snow Leopard coming to the consumer.  World of Apple has published screen shots from the latest build of the updated OS from Apple.  The updates included after the jump:


-The System Preferences include some minor UI changes

-The Keyboard Shortcuts Preference pane is now considerably easier to use

-Application footprints in Snow Leopard are significantly reduced. Almost all of the applications have been rebuilt in Cocoa and 64 bit

The majority of running processes are now Intel (64 bit)

Mail has a significantly smaller application footprint than in Leopard. Also note the option to open applications in 32 bit mode

The new Put Back feature allows deleted files to be returned to the folder they were deleted from

Despite Apple touting QuickTime X as a big feature of Snow Leopard it is yet to make an appearance

All features are now enabled in QuickTime by default. No longer requires a QuickTime Pro upgrade

You can now navigate the the folder structure in Stacks


You can view the rest of the screenshots and information at World of Apple