Otterbox has been reviewed a few times on this site and continues to deliver time after time.  They are not known for thin or lightweight cases, but rather an ultra-durable protective line of cases.  Their intention was to deliver unrelenting protection at any cost and that they do.  The case we have today is again, designed to provide protection, but this time providing affordability and a more traditional silicone case.



The impact line of cases at Otterbox was designed as a silicone cover.  As you would expect, this is not just a silicone case.  It has an extra layer of coring which disapates the force of a fall by directing the forces to the outside corners and away from directly impacting your device.


  This case is simplicity in design and function and does offer up as advertised.  The silicone easily slips onto your iPhone 3G and just as easily, comes off.  The build of the case is superb, with evenly trimmed openings and soft subtle silicone.  The case does not add a lot of bulk to your iPhone and easily fits in your pocket.  Although the case is silicone, it is not the sticky type which is typical of many other silicone cases.  The silicone adds a nice, sturdy feel of protection, while giving you some non-slip grip as to not easily drop your precious iPhone.




There are a couple of downsides to the Impact case.  The first is that it does not come with or offer any sort of screen protection.  Anyone that has owned or owns an iPhone already knows how difficult it is to scratch the screen, but a screen cover would be nice to see.  The only other problem I see with the case is the fit on the sides when new.  The silicone is molded well, but flares a little on the side.  This is more a cosmetic issue than safety or protection.  The silicone does stretch and give a little, but still covers the chrome bezel each of the sides.




The upside to the case is the strong silicone and the ease of which it slips into your pocket.  In using it regularly for a few days I found that the case does not collect lint like most silicone cases.  I was surprised by this as I have used quite a few other brands which do collect lint at any chance they get. 




The Otterbox Impact Series for iPhone 3G has once again proved that Otterbox knows its stuff when it comes to cases.  The case offers ease of use and protection at the same time without adding much bulk.  Overall it is a great buy at just $19.95 and as a testament to the Impact Series, it remains on my iPhone 3G as of this writing and will continue to do so when I need simple, reliable protection.


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