The Defender Strength Series from Otterbox is not just about protecting your latest gadget, but also about helping those in need.  The Strength Series is Pink and for good reason.  Every time you purchase one of the cases from this series, 10% of the cost goes to fight breast cancer.  From the Otterbox Site:  “By purchasing an OtterBox for iPhone™ or iPod® nano Defender Series™ Strength case, 10% of the purchase price will be donated to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade to support access to care and finding a cure for breast cancer, with a focus on the medically underserved.”


So we know the case is good in one sense of the word, but is it any good when it comes to offering protection?  In one sense, it’s the best.  This is not to say it does not have a downside, but if protection is what you want, Otterbox has you covered.





The case, aside from being pink, is their Defender series.  The Defender has Otterbox’s 3-Layer Protection System.  The layers consist of a front, back and a silicone cover.  The inner two layers are made of rigid, durable plastic.  This snuggly fits your iPod Nano so much so that when we first inserted the Nano into the front case, it would not fall out even while being shaken slightly.  The molding of the case is superb, with no flashing or sharp edges to scratch your treasured device.   The front case also has clear plastic covers over the screen and click-wheel.  Once you have the iPod securely in the inner shell, you can now slide it into the shock absorbent silicone shell.  The silicone is soft and fairly thick and should provide superb protection against bumps and falls.  



In day to day use, the case should be perfect for when you want to slide the iPod into your pocket or just throw it into your backpack, purse or whatever else you plan to cary it in.  There are a couple downsides to the case of which is the bulk it adds to the original size of the iPod. Another downside would be that you will not be able to use the iPod in a dock without first removing it from the case.  While this is not a bid deal for some, others may find it a reason to look elsewhere.  The click-wheel sensitivity may also concern some as well.  In my experience you no longer can glide your finger over the click-wheel without exerting pressure.  As mentioned in the video below, most people will not mind if they are using the iPod outdoors or in an instance that may be dangerous to electronic devices.  However, those who must have the original feel to their click-wheel may not appreciate the feel and sensitivity offered by the Defender case.  




On the upside of the case, Otterbox has thought out every detail.  The top and bottom port covers actually seal shut via a gasket-like groove which is molded into the silicone and plastic.  The back of the case has a molded in flap that clicks out and allows you to set the iPod Nano upright on its side for better viewing of videos.  When you need to click the hold switch, you open the top and there is a notch cut out to allow ease of access to the switch.  The bottom port cover allows access to the headphone jack and dock connector and seals shut when not in use.  



Overall the Defender Series Case from Otterbox is exactly what one would expect.  The ultimate protection of their device from any environment, at no cost.  The case, once on, should make any user of the Defender Series have confidence that their iPod will most likely never incur damage or scratches.  



 Watch the Unboxing and Mini Review of this case below:


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