We all knew this was coming soon and today we have quite a few updates.  Aesthetically nothing has changes except a few ports, but the prices, specs and offerings have changed to give those who do not yet have a Mac or need a second one, quite the bargain.  


The significant change to the Mac Mini and iMac’s are the addition of an nvidia GeForce 9400m or you can also get the GeForce 130 GT in the high end iMacs and the Mac Pro’s.


Pricing on the Mac Mini stay at $599 and goes to $799, but now comes with a 2.0Gz processor


Pricing on the iMac range from $1199 to $2199 and come with Core 2 Duo’s ranging from 2.66GHz to 3.06GHz


The Mac Pro has been updated to Intel Nehalem Xeon Processors starting with a quad-core 2.66GHZ and ranging up to an 8-core 2.26GHz.  Prices start at $2499 for the quad-core and $3299 for the 8-core.  The sky is the limit after you configure the Mac Pro of your liking.  They have also added nvidia GT120 to the line and you can get an optional nvidia GT 130 if you should choose.


Overall the updates are quite nice, especially for those looking for their first iMac as the deals keep getting better.  See the Apple Store online for all the details.