There has been an enormity of speculation regarding the next Apple products as usual, and although the picture above is just a concept, there is some recent news about many different Apple products coming to us in the near future that every Apple fan should know.


Snow Leopard has been a long time coming, or so it seems.  While the next iteration of OSX is just around the corner and in the same release cycle of OSX releases, the time we have sepnt thinking about it feels extended as to the Leopard release.  Recent news says it should be out by September due to the work remaining for Quicktime, Open CL and other essentials to the operating system.


The next Xserve will be available in June and will be updating the line of Mac Pro with Xeon processors.


The next iPhone will be fairly soon for this summer and have some sort of video integration.  We should see some hardware updates as well and could even see a dual-core processor.  Although doubtful, we could see the addition of a QWERTY keyboard similar to the Palm Pre, which would make many very happy.  There will be tethering as seen in iPhone 3.0 beta, but for an unknown cost at this time.  


There is much to look forward to and as always we will be here to help keep you informed of the latest and greatest Apple hardware and software.


[Hard Mac]