We have all but had Apple confirm the video recording feature of the next iPhone.  However, some news has again come from BusinessWeek who is suggesting that video will be fully integrated and editable on the upcoming iPhone.


"Evidently, shooting video is as easy as it is with a Flip, the ingenious device made by Pure Digital (recently purchased by Cisco). Then there’s an iMovie app that lets you quickly save the sections you want, right there on the phone itself. There may also be support for MMS, so the clips can be shared wirelessly with friends. And because of the iPhone’s relatively large screen, your friends don’t have to schlep to your PC or their Facebook page to see that video of your kids or your safari. Just hand them your iPhone."


As many of you have read before, the next iPhone will also have video recording and YouTube upload capability.  To be able to record, edit and render on your iPhone and then upload to youtube is something many thought to be far off.  Apparently it looks like this may come as a feature much sooner than we previously had thought.


[via MacRumors]