It is not every day that you come across a product designed and manufactured in the USA.  While the thought of products produced in the US have been long  thought surpassed by foreign countries ability, the Suede Jacket tops many in price and quality.  The product is simple, protect the iPhone 3G with a pouch of quality Suede and a separate pouch of elastic nylon for accessories that go with your iPhone.  The trouble with such a simple design is that it needs to have a snug fit, soft material that does not scratch and have the ability to maintain its quality throughout everyday use.


The Suede Jacket is just that, Suede, but not organic, it is a synthetic suede called Ultrasuede, which means no animals were harmed in the making of the Suede Jacket . When you first touch the pouch your senses tell you this cannot be suede as the softness is that of velvety softness.  The pouch has a fit that hugs the iPhone with a snugness that would not allow it to merely fall out of the pouch without great persuasion.  There is also a pouch that is stitched to the outside of the suede that seems to be an elastic nylon material.  This allows for the holding of headphones, a sync cable or any number of accessories one would have or need.  



The build quality is that of the best quality I have seen in iPhone case.  It would be fair to compare it to that of the premium cases that cost four to six times as much.  The stitching is perfect, the cuts of suede are perfect, and quality of material is perfect with no defects noticeable in the suede.  



After using the Suede Jacket for a week from day to day I have found it to maintain its quality.  Not only does the Suede Jacket continue to hold the iPhone as it did when pulled from the package, but the material has maintained its softness.  The stitching has not loosened its grasp and there is no negative remarks that can be said about its build.  



The only downside I have come across with this case is the ability to easily slip the case within your pant pocket.  Due to the nature of suede and its slightly grippy surface, when challenged with the friction of a tight pocket it does not want to easily slide as a leather or plastic surface would.  That being said, no other negatives can be found when using such a case of this quality.



Waterfield Design based in California, is proud of the difficulties it faces with remaining persistent in operating in such a way that many other companies do not today.  Wherever your patriotism lie, their products, should you live in the United States make their importance jump to the top of the list.  The quality of this product and affordability bring it far above its competition.  This case is recommended highly for any looking for that perfect pouch.


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