When I received the iPhone Travel Case I did not think much of where it was designed or constructed as I would have assumed it to be like everything else these days and made in China.  When I opened the bag for the first time and noticed a postcard sized flyer packed with the case that said they were proud that they designed and constructed the iPhone Travel Case in San Francisco, I did a double-take.  Being a United States citizen and raised to be very patriotic, I could not help but notice the significants of being made in the USA.  The days of products made in the United States seemed to be gone outside of some specific items such as cars and micro-processors.  To see a textile that is still made in the U.S., immediately brings Waterfield Design to the top of my list for choice of protective cases.



The iPhone Travel Case comes in 3 different sizes of which medium was the case in hand.  The Travel Case is very simple, but pleasing in design.  The outside is of a water resistant nylon on top with a bump-covered, grippy rubberized material residing on the lower quarter of the case.  The top has a zipper that runs across the middle and seals well enough to provide most items within it, protection from rain or even a puddle if you were to drop it there.  The inside material used is of a soft, polyester material feel.  The Travel Case has a total of four storage compartments which are divided by this thick scratch-free material.  There are two compartments that divide the interior lengthwise and then two more separate compartments that create pockets splitting the length in half.  The outside and bottom layers of the case are filled with a padding that feels similar to foam.  I would imagine that the case, should it fall into a pool of water would float and even keep your devices dry, but I would not try as I did not have any devices to spare.  The stitching is straight and the material is even and perfectly cut.  There were no loose threads and the attention to detail is greater than or equal to the best of cases I have used.  



In using the case on a recent trip I found it to be very convenient for storing my older 4th Gen iPod, iPhone sync cable, headphones and a few other items.  While I did not have my iPhone in it as I was using it most of the time for music during the trip, when not in use I would not hesitate to slide it in the Travel Case without any protection at all.  The scratch-free material is soft enough that it would not even scratch the very delicate surface of the back of the iPhone.  The padding within and out the case provide plenty of protection to the point where if you dropped the case from arm level there would be no fear of damaging the contents within.  The durability over a week of use and real travel use have shown no signs of wear whatsoever and has made me confident that this is one of the best quality products I have used.



While there is not a lot to be said for a simple iPhone Travel Case, we do highly recommend this case from Waterfield Design should you need a travel case.  The case would easily be at the top of our list as far as value and quality of materials as well as craftsmanship.  The added bonus of being designed and made in the USA only raises our appreciation of such a case.  Waterfield Design has certainly come out on top when it comes to accessories for you iPhone or iPod.


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