Wolfram Alpha has been running processes and calculations for the masses for a few days now.  Unless you haven’t heard, Wolfram Alpha is not a search engine but a computational engine that tries to accumulate and process data based on a given formula.  You can do a search, but it does not give you web pages, but instead offers up data about that webpage.  

  An example of this is typing in this website zollotech.com. What you end up getting as a reult of your query is where zollotech.com is hosted, how many page views and visits per day (which is off on the page views), site rank, average size per page, images per page and so on.  You can ask Wolfram Alpha complex mathematics equations and you will find yourself with a satisfying answer. 


Wolfram Alpha has numerous capabilities and provides an add on to something Google cannot.  On top of searching for things online, you can find statistics, and many other problems solved.  If you haven’t been using this service you should keep it in mind when you have questions, homework to do or are just curious.


[Wolfram Alpha]