For those of you who don’t know of and you love or have loved sites like or, you must have a look-see at their site.  They are a conglomeration of some fine fellows who left after their conspiracy filled review scandal and decided to form a more honest and community focused site.

  Now that they have been around for some time they have released an iPhone App.  The app allows you to view their sites content in the convenience of a simple app.  While I wish more sites would offer content in this manner, it is unfortunate that they have decided to charge $1.99 for said app.  Yes they took the time and resources to build the app, but their site is their currency influx system and I would like to see an app such as this for the meager price of "Free".  

  Anyway, we can’t complain much as Giant Bomb is definitely a favorite for me when it comes to video game news and review sites.  I will just have to wait until they do the half-price thing that most app makers seem to be doing lately.  Oh, and be sure to watch this video promoting the aforementioned app.


[via TUAW