Most of us at this point have heard of Bing.  It is the next generation of Microsoft’s Live Search.   The ads are hard to miss as they are posted all over the internet (this site included), and on T.V. as well.  While most people may have passed it by and continued to use Google, it is interesting that I find myself using Bing for more specific searches.  The layout of Bing is familiar and they have a nice picture every day for their front page.  The search is not much different until you want to find something more specific such as a bookcase.  

If you search for bookcase Google will give you millions of results and they are basd on how popular the particular site is and lists those sites accordingly.  Bing on the other hand takes your search and categorizes it. This categorization is what has brought me back to Bing over and over.  The overall organization and ease of use that is Bing helps me find related items quite well.  Google is still my main goto for searches, but when I want products I find myself going to Bing.  It is hard to see Microsoft ever overtaking Google in search, but they have done a good job of offering an alternative to the general search.  The vast amount of organization that goes on in the background with Bing really does impress.  I suggest you give it a try and then let us now what you think.