When living with an iPod or iPhone and you find you have a lot of storage left on your device wouldn’t it be nice if you could use that to backup your files automatically.  With Clickfree you can do just that and much more easily than you might think.  According to their site all you need to do is plug the device into a USB port on your Mac or PC and then plug your iPod or iPhone into the Clickfree device.  

It then scans your computer for files you might want to backup and then backs up what it can to your iPod.  The company says it never overwrites your existing music or files on your device and works without even touching it, hence the click-free part.  The cost is $49.99 and if it works as it says it could be very valuable indeed, especially if you have an iPod Classic around with a lot of storage left over.




See the full Press Release Below:


TORONTO – August 10, 2009 – Storage Appliance Corporation, developers of Clickfree Automatic Backup products, today announced another breakthrough product with the launch of its Clickfree Transformer for iPhone and iPod mobile digital devices and the Special Edition model, the Transformer SE. The new Transformers allow customers to backup their computer’s irreplaceable digital content onto excess storage space on their iPhone or iPod. These two new products can also be used to transfer music from any iPod or iPhone to your computer.

"From students to seniors, almost everyone owns an iPhone or an iPod these days, so why not make more use of the unused memory on these devices?" says Storage Appliance Corporation CEO, Bryan McLeod. "My 80 GB iPod has 40GB of music and photos – it still has over 40 GB of unused storage. Now I can maximize the extra storage by backing up my work and home computers. These Transformers are an inexpensive way to effortlessly backup your computer using devices you already own."

Customers can now easily backup their computer onto the extra storage space of any iPhone or iPod using the Clickfree Transformer. Simply connect your iPhone or iPod to the Clickfree Transformer, then connect it to your computer and backup will automatically begin. There is no software to install or setup and no manual to read. Only the excess capacity of your iPhone/iPod will be used, and existing content on your iPod/iPhone will never be overwritten.

The new Transformers will also allow customers to retrieve music collections back off their iPhone or iPod. So many customers have changed their computers, "orphaning" the content on the iPhone/iPod. With the new Clickfree Transformers, the content can be retrieved from the iPhone/iPod quickly and easily.

The Transformer SE, available next month, comes in a sleek piano black finish and has all the same functionality as the Transformer made for use with the iPhone/iPod. In addition, the Transformer SE also has the functionality of the award winning original Clickfree HD Transformer, which will work with any manufacturer’s external USB hard drive to deliver a fully automatic, no-click backup. Like all Clickfree products, there are no instructions to read, no copying and pasting of files and no software to install or setup.

Clickfree’s(TM) entire lineup of products, from the Clickfree(TM) Transformer for iPhone/iPod to Clickfree portable backup drives and DVDs, are designed for the 90 percent of computer users who, research shows, don’t get around to backing up their computers.

The Clickfree(TM) Transformer for iPhone/iPod has a retail price of $49.99 and the Transformer SE retails for $89.99. Both are now available directly from Clickfree www.clickfree.com.

Clickfree products can also be found at leading outlets such as Brandsmart, HH Greg, OfficeMax as well as on Amazon.com.

About Storage Appliance Corporation

Storage Appliance Corporation develops intelligent, Clickfree(TM) personal storage solutions

specifically designed for ease of use. Clickfree(TM) backup is the world’s first technology that

performs backup by simply connecting the storage device to the PC, without having to set up or

configure software. See www.clickfree.com for additional information.