Tom Tom has finally arrived for the iPhone in the United States and Canada.  We saw the app go up for New Zealand just a half a day or so and now the region specific versions are now available.  It’s not all good news though.  The price of the app in the US & Canada is $99, New Zealand is $94.99, Western Europe is $139.99 and Australia is $79.99. 

If you don’t have a GPS already that may seem like a decent deal, but as for myself who paid just $99 for a Tom Tom One XL not long ago this is not quite the deal I was hoping for.  While there are already reports of the software working as well as a Tom Tom (as you would expect), the price tag will be sure to turn some away.  If this app was $49 I would have already pulled the trigger and added it to the already vast array of my apps, but with a slightly prohibitive price it will be interesting to see how well this app does.  Will you be buying this app?  Let us know.


[Tom Tom iTunes Link]