I had another issue with my AT&T account.  Like many I talk to or hear on podcasts, I repeatedly have to call AT&T due to billing issues, features not working and various other issues I have encountered. 


  Today I spoke with AT&T and this time it was due to my bill being 107 dollars over the normal total.  At first I was annoyed as I thought they were charging me for data on the iPhone.  After speaking with an AT&T representative named Ed, I was very satisfied.  He scrupulously went over the bill charge-by-charge and explained the overages.  Apparently they were for minutes used over the regular 700 plus rollover I had previously.  The plan I have has 5 phones on it and we generally stay under 700 minutes as we usually are talking to someone else on an AT&T cell phone.  Ed at AT&T was nice enough to explain the charges and then instead of telling me I was out of luck, he offered to up my plan to 1400 for the next billing cycle and credit me back the $107 overage charge.  When he was done doing that he then credited me another 100 free rollover minutes to make sure I did not have overage charges again.


  I was stunned.  Not only did they solve my issue quickly and explain everything, but he was nice enough to figure out a way so I could pay the company he works for less money and keep me happy.  If this is the kind of service we continue to see from AT&T then my thoughts of changing carriers when the iPhone is no longer under just their grasp may all be but a vapor.  


I forgot to mention…When my call initially dropped he called me right back.  Maybe AT&T has been listening to the cries of the people… finally a good experience on AT&T.