For those few that have the Palm Pre or Palm Pixi and have either changed devices or had to replace one, Sprint feels your pain.  The problem lies with a profile you backed up that could easily be overwritten by the profile on your new, more empty phone.  This has been a problem for a little while and with it appearing on some major sites such as Engadget, Sprint has taken notice.  Sprint offered an official acknowledgement today:

"We are seeing a small number of customers who have experienced issues transferring their Palm Profile information to another Palm webOS device. Palm and Sprint are working closely together to support these customers to successfully transfer their information to the new device."

The who notion of storing your information in the cloud has had somewhat of a setback lately with T-Mobile Sidekick issues first and now the Pre.  Once the bugs get sorted out though everything will be alright.

[via Engadget va SFgate]