Everyone loves to see some secret aircraft from our U.S. arsenal.  This picture was caught in by a French photographer and published on his secret defense blog.  Previously this aircraft was captured visually in Kandahar, but in your typical blurry images that lacked any real detail.  The photo seen above is of what is thought to be a UAV or an unmanned aerial vehicle.  Some sites have commented that it appears it may be large enough and show a canopy that you can slightly make out at this angle.

The exhaust outlet looks like a Skunk Works project called the P175 Polecat although there is no way to tell if this is a result of that project.  The most interesting part of this whole aircraft is the fact that it has not been seen by the public.  What is it that makes this aircraft so special that its existence must be kept a secret from the public?  If you know,  we would really appreciate it if you would share.

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