The days when N64 was amazing and new have quickly passed, but if you don’t have that home console still hooked up and would like a more convenient way to play then here is your chance.  From the forums of the portable mod maker himself (Ben Heck), comes the N64 portable.  It is fully equipped with everything you need to enjoy the original experience, but with a somewhat bulky portableness.  The specs are as follows:

Dimensions: 20x12x5(7,5 with carts slot)

Psone screen led mod (4 leds of 20,000 mcd each)

Jumper pack

Thirdparty N64 controller with modded analogstick (no dpad, switch for z and l)

4 cell 7,4v Li-Polymer battery Amps not sure but you get about 5 hours of battery life.

Rubber grip around the portable for extra comfort.

Charge jack and Power jack in one.

Battery switch

Power switch

(when power is off and battery is on jack is in charge mode

when battery is off jack is in power mode)

Headphone jack

AV out jack

Build-in Volume and Brightness controlls ( Hold start + up/down/left/righ c pad)

For a quick and grainy video of the portable N64 in action check out the video below:

Yes I would love one of these, but then again how many times are you really going to play it when you have MW2 still waiting for you.

[via Ben Heck Forums] via [Engadget]