In a move very unlike the AT&T we have recently been accustomed to, they have begun offering customer service.  By customer service I mean a handy little free app that tells them exactly how much they suck in a given area.  For us in the Northeast, or at least in the Syracuse area, AT&T has not been half bad.  However, for those of you poor folks on the west coast, we have all heard the horrors of your experience with AT&T.  The new app called "Mark The Spot" allows you and anyone else who has an iPhone to give constant feedback of your signal strength, voice quality, dropped calls and overall experience.  This information can then be given to AT&T so they can improve their network to where it needs to be.  If Mark The Spot is what it takes to get AT&T to the Verizon standard again, then I would imagine we should all be running this app.  Here’s to hoping.