If you have not checked for recent software updates on your Mac you may want to open it up and give it a go.  The 1.4 EFI update addresses noise made by the MacBook optical drive during startup.  The other update is 1.0 for Airport client and addresses the following:

An Inability to turn AirPort on or off in some cases after upgrading from Mac OS X Leopard.

An occasional loss of network connection when using Wake on Demand.

An Inability to create a computer-to-computer network, or share the Internet connection on some MacBook, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini computers.

One word of caution on the EDI FIrmware update.  During my update the screen went black as it should and then went to a black screen that said insert startup disc and press any key.  I could not get the MacBook to boot until I used my installation DVD and used utilities to change the startup drive to my Hard Drive.  So if this happens to you relax and use the installation discs to do just as I had to do.  I am not sure what caused this issue, but everything see,s t be fine at this point.

The updates are available now via Software Update on your Mac.