The iMac was really the first computer that came to market to bring style, functionality and ease of use to the table in one convenienct package.  Now imagine that it wasn’t Apple who did this, but someone way back in the day when life was simpler and the personal computer was eigther extremely expensive or not even a thought in ones mind.  Enter the Philco PC that is a modern take of the iconic Philco Predicta Television.  The details are amazing and not so much functional, but definitely beautiful.  Look at the keyboard and the attention to detail on the typewrite style keys.  The mouse is interesting and awkward and the screen is from a day when most manufacturers took pride in their designs.

  Imagine what would have come of the modern PC and even Macs had this design been present atthe beginning of the computer era.  The only real question is where, when, or how could we get one?