The speculation and rumors of an end of the month Apple event are indeed true.  People are receiving an invite for the 27th of January with the tag line "come see our latest creation."  The place is the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theatre in San Francisco.  The event will start at 10AM Pacific and judging by the tag line and art splotches we are guessing this is for a tablet of some sort. 

After hearing last weeks MacBreak Weekly and the fact that Andy Ihnatko already booked a plane for the unaanounced event had me thinking the event would indeed take place.  If anyone would know it would be Andy as he had the iPhone 3GS prior to its release.  The real question is, is the new creation really a tablet or did Apple leak those stories to get people off the real trail of something completely different?  Either way we have out date and we look forward to see what Apple has for us.  The bad part of all of this…I have to spend more money.

[via Engadget]