I’ve been using google as my homepage for years. I like the fast loading simplicity of that single line, but it looks like it’s time to make a switch. The problem is I normally search within google from the upper right bar on Safari or Firefox depending on which I decide to use. From there I usually head over to facebook or my email or to youtube to check out what is going on in the world. Now you can set your homepage to Fav4.org which allows you to customize the bookmarks you want to see and that’s it. The default page is just 4 icons of which are links to facebook, flickr, gmail, and twitter. This can be customized to just about any known site you can image with their simple button in the lower left of the page.


The bookmarks offer such choices as ebay, Evernote, Cnn, and even ESPN. It’s tough to make the change, but this time I think I finally found a homepage worth changing to. Yes I could use the bookmark bar, but this is so much more visual and easy to arrange. Give it a try for yourself and let us know what you think.