Well we sort of expected this right?  Apple started with DRM’d music and that finally was taken care of for the most part.  They still  incorporate DRM into the TV shows and Movies and so it is safe to assume the iBookstore will incorporate the FairPlay DRM we have all come to hate.  The news of the FairPlay DRM being used in the iBookstore is still rumor, but according to the LA Times, books bought from the online store will have the usual copy protection.  We have gotten used to the locked down content that we pay for, but sometimes it would be nice to “squirt” a book to someone to try out when they want to read it similar to the old Zune and what it attempted with music.  We could go on and rant for days on the horror that could befall us all with DRM protected content, but until this is confirmed we will hope for the best.  Either way what are we to do?