The OnLive service for those of you who are unfamiliar, is a service that brings gaming to your TV, PC or Mac with minimal hardware required.  The service has a set of their own servers and they stream the experience to their device or computer of your choosing.  So far there have only been demos of the service and with surprisingly positive reviews from those who have had their hands on it.

OnLive told the tech world of their plans to go to iPhone back in November.  Last week they showed off Crysis running on an iPhone via their OnLive service at a surprisingly brisk clip according to those who were able to observe at the DICE Summit.  Other than the demos and the few people they have let in to test out their service, OnLive is still vaporware for the rest of us.  As long as they have the servers to do the computing and we have a decent bandwidth connection the service could be very promising for iPhone.  Just imaging the possibilities of gaming.  The one issue is the lack of peripherals for gaming as I wouldn’t want to try Crysis using just touch controls.  We’ll have to see if a peripheral comes out to help us out with this if OnLive actually comes out.

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