It’s true many of us miss our first gen iPhone with the aluminum back. Martin Schrotz must have been missing the original feel and decided to one-up that design by using titanium instead. He also managed to make a nice Apple logo in his own style to replace the original on the back.

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“Basically I designed a new back cover for the 3GS. I had the original cover measured digitally, and I then started to draw the new cover in CAD. It’s made out of a special titanium alloy that is RF transparent. I had tried aluminum but that was a complete disaster.”


While we know we would do our best to afford a titanium back to replace on our iPhone, Martin Schrotz has mentioned no plans to bring it to any who would be willing to pay. Assuming it is not too expensive, if the titanium back becomes available Martin Schrotz can count us in.

[via modmyi]