According to Apple Insider, Apple may be preparing to release Macs later this year with HDMI ports.

“prototypes of a new Mac mini — Apple’s smallest and most affordable system, commonly employed by tech savvy Mac users as an ad-hoc living room media server, has been making the rounds with an HDMI port in place of its legacy DVI connector, according to two people familiar with the matter.”

We have heard this rumor or at least hoped for such a hardware update in the past.  With the iMac being more TV-like with it VESA mount on the back we can understand why Apple may be going this route and it is about time.

The Apple TV is currently the only Apple device with HDMI and so many people are using Mac Mini’s with their TV as well that the move from just DVI to HDMI makes sense.  We’ll just have to wait until later this year when Apple nirmally shows off its new Mac offerings.