The excellent cases provided from Waterfield Designs and made right here in the USA are coming soon to your iPad.  The first case is the iPad Smart Case.  By smart they mean

The design looks simple, but the intent is hard-core protection without the bulk. Multi-layered padding includes a high-impact, rigid insert and an Ultrasuede® scratch-free liner. At under-an-inch thin, this case sports luxurious padding to keep your iPadsnug and secure, yet quickly accessible. No visible stitching keeps the case looking sleek and smooth. All Smart Cases come with a low-profile pocket that can hold your sync/charging cable and power adapter.

Secondly they are releasing the iPad Slip Case

Just slip your iPad into the thin, protective Slip Case. Light internal padding with impact-resistant plastic keeps your toy safe and sound. The water-proof outer material helps add protection against spills and other accidental mishaps. Slide your iPad in and use the handy tab at the bottom to help you ease it back out when you need it. A choice of six vibrant colors makes your case easy to find amidst the detritus of your bag contents. Sleek, simple, protection. We’ve got you covered.

Both of these cases will be made available shortly after the iPad launch in April.  Check out these and their many other great offerings at