Many of you have already decided to buy an iPad, but have you decided on an accessory to go along with your fancy new tablet?  This is now the choice of many who have pre-ordered or hoping to pick up their iPad on day one.  Not all accessories are available for purchase this coming Saturday, but there will be a few.  The accessories due for launch day are as follows:

The iPad Dock will probably be a nice addition and the obvious choice if you choose to buy any accessory for the iPad at all.  For $29 you get a simple dock that holds your iPad upright, charges your iPad and also turns your iPad into a digital photo frame to display all of your photos with very nice transitions.

The iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter is also available at launch.  This convenient little cable makes it possible to output your Keynote presentations to a projector, monitor an anything that accepts a standard VGA connection.  The real question with this accessory is if it will output the screen no matter what you are doing to make reviews much easier than they have been in the past.  Though it is doubtful Apple would allow the screen output, we will find out for sure on April 3rd.  The iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adaptor is $29.

While the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard is not a new accessory, it will work with your iPad or Mac.  When you have heavy typing to do and want to use one of the iWork applications, a keyboard will most likely be the preferred method for input.  The Keyboard is available now for $69.

Unfortunately the rest of the Accessories are not available until Mid to Late April and one is not available until May.

The accessories not available on April 3rd

iPad Camera Connection Kit $29 – Late April

iPad Case $39 – Mid April

iPad Keyboard Dock $69 – Late April

iPad 10W USB Power Adapter $29 – May

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