The one killer app of the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus on Verizon is the Mobile Hotspot.  You can simply flip a switch and connect up to 5 devices via WiFi to the device and use it as a portable modem.  The feature cost $40 for any who used the devices on Verizon.  In a surprisingly generous move, Verizon has slashed the cost from $40 to absolutely Free.  That’s right, now if you have a Palm Pre Plus or Pixi Plus you simply download the app and you have yourself your very own portable hotspot. Aside from the now Free Mobile Hotspot, Verizon has dropped the price of the Pre Plus to just $49.99 and the Pixi Plus to $29.99. While Palm’s devices are not doing so well sales wise, this might just be enough to get quite a few on board with WebOS.

[via Engadget]