UPDATE: Apparently the leaked pics of the 4th Gen iPhone are authentic.  This is according to a discovery by Engadget.  The night before the iPad reveal, a pic was shown with a prototype iPad.  In the same picture is a 4th Gen iPhone off to the right that resembles the leaked iPhone pics.  The source who leaked the iPad pic also confirms a forward facing camera, higher res screen, a higher res camera with flash and a spot for a MicroSim.  That is the little button on the side of the leaked pics we have seen.

Yesterday, Engadget released some images of what was thought to be a leaked iPhone 4th Generation Pics.  Applesfera has posted pictures of a very similar device to those seen yesterday.  The device appears to be one you can buy in Japan as a counterfeit iPhone.

Chances were those images were fake, but give it a week or two and we’re sure to see the real thing.