Last year there was a lot of speculation of iPod Touches that would have a camera similar to the iPhone.  After no such announcement was made from Steve, most of us figured it would be added in a future version and the rumor was a mistake.  This morning, two iPod Touches were placed on Ebay for sale and quickly removed.

According to a youtube video by Bilsta57, the listing said the following:

“Well..These were R & D units..One wont turn off and has some wierd OS…or lack of firmware So it will be dead when you get it,,,but will power up when you plug it in…The other won’t turn on has a brown spot on the screen. Both have cameras”

Since the listing was taken down so quickly we would bet that these are indeed real.  When we will see them is still a mystery, but it could be this fall when the next iPod refresh is due.

[via 9to5mac]