Are you looking for a easy way to dock your iPhone with an iPod stereo system or alarm clock without having to remove it from its case? If so the Speck Candy Shell Flip for the iPhone 4 is the perfect case for you. The Candy Shell Flip features a flip back feature on the bottom of the case to easily dock your iPhone 4. This case comes in four different colors. MoonSicle White, MoonRock Gray, BatWing Black, and GuavaGoo Pink.

Inside of the case you have a nice rubberized pattern. At the bottom of the case you have a cutout for your 30 pin dock connecter and cut outs for you speaker and microphone. On the left side of the case you have your volume up and down buttons and a cut out for the mute switch. You do have to dig your finger a little bit to reach the mute switch. The volume buttons are covered with a silicone over them so your volume buttons stay protected and when you press on them you get an easy firm click. On the top you have a cutout for your headphone jack and second mic and a silicone cover over the power button.

I found if you have larger headphones than usual you will have some trouble getting them to fit in the case. On the back of the case you have a large cutout for the camera and flash. I did test this out and there is no washing out of the image or reflective flash issues with this case. You also have the dock flipper which feels very solid and is very easy to get on and off. On the front you have a great amount of lay on table design which means if your phone is face down on a surface its still not touching the surface because the case lifts the phone up. A great feature about this case is that it does not bubble up screen shields. One thing I did notice was that the back does attract a lot of finger prints and scratches (it depends what color you get).

Overall this case fits very well on the phone, protects the phone very well, and the innovation of the dock flip access is very useful.