Have you ever wanted a case for you iPhone but never found a design to your liking? If so you should consider the Case-Mate Stacks Case For The iPhone 4. This case allows you to create the iPhone’s cover piece by piece. This retails for 34.99 and comes in three different designs Passion Play, Mechanica, and Full Volume. In the case packaging you get the case, which consist of six pieces, a screen protector, a cleaning cloth, and four extra pieces for the case. Installing the iPhone in the case is a little challenging. First slide the iPhone into the bottom piece. Attached to the bottom piece is a rail going straight up. You want to get a piece of the case and start sliding them on the rail and customizing the case the way you want it. One thing to be careful about is you want to make sure the two pieces of the case that have cut outs are aligned properly.

Now that you have the case customized to your liking. You can see the case has a huge cut-out at the bottom for your 30 pin dock connecter, speaker, and microphone. This case works with all third party iPhone 4 chargers. On the left side of the case you have a cut out for your volume buttons and mute switch. I found the cutouts to be a little small and hard to reach. On the top of the case you have a big cut out for the headphone jack, second microphone, and power button. You can use any headphones you want with this case without it inferring with the case. On the back of the case you a huge cutout for your camera and flash. I took some pictures with this case in the dark and it does not interfere with the flash so the image is still nice and crisp. You also have Case-Mate’s logo on the back as well. On the front of the case you get very small lay on the table design so if you drop your phone a few times with this case it will most likely break. This case does not bubble up screen shields so that’s a nice touch to this case.
Overall this case is great for its price and for making the design to your liking.