The MacBook Pro family has been in need of a refresh for some time now and Apple has finally made available one impressive array of updates.  To start with all MacBook Pros now come with an Intel Core i5 or i7 Sandy Bridge processor.  You have a choice of up to 2.2Ghz with a burst or turbo mode of up to 3.4Ghz when needed.  Gone are the NVIDIA graphics processors in favor of Intel integrated graphics and AMD HD graphics GPU’s for the 15 and 17 inch MacBook Pros.  The 15 inch MacBook Pro now comes with only two options of Core i7 processors starting at 2.0Ghz and giving you the option of a 2.2Ghz Core i7 with an AMD Radeon 6750M graphics, and 750GB hard drive. Prices range from $1199 for the 13inch MacBook up to $2199 for the aforementioned 15-inch MacBook Pro.  If you opt for the larger 17-inch model you get basically the same specs, but will be paying $2499 for the larger display.

Included in the MacBook Pro refresh are quite a number of other upgrades.  The first of which many sites rumored for the past week of a technology called Thunderbolt.  This is a Disk I/O that allows up to 10GB per second of transfer when you have a drive that is so equipped.  Apple has turned the iSight or what is now referred to as the Facetime camera into a 720P HD image capturer to make your video calls more clear than ever.  There are more updates as well so head on over to Apple to check them out.

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