As many of you know it has been a few days since Steve Jobs, Co-Founder of Apple passed away.  While there will be tribute and many kind words on everything from television, websites and radio, I wasn’t sure what to say.  I never knew Steve or anyone who actually knew him personally.  What I did know was the products he helped create, and the philosophy of Apple.  To this I will base my short tribute to Steve Jobs.

Steve has inspired me to look at products as an extension of myself.  Will the product not only look good and serve my needs, but will it perform as well as or better than I myself could make it?  Will the product, “just work” and allow me to do my work without thinking about keeping that product working properly?  Apple’s company philosophy through Steve, of working outside the box, not seeing life as others, and being unique, feels as though it is an extension of myself.  This is why I choose Apple.  Through those ways of being and products that are released when only being better than acceptable, is how Steve’s legacy will live on for myself and many others.

Many thanks to Steve Jobs for the great products I have had the privilege to experience through Apple.  His legacy will live on as he has shown myself and others that it is insanely great to Think Different.

Our prayers and thoughts go out to his family and friends. You will be missed.