While the recent jailbreak has been out for some time, I thought I would walk you through the steps while I jailbreak my new iPad.  This jailbreak uses Absinthe 2.0 and jailbreaks devices on 5.1.1.  There are a couple device which this won’t work for so be sure to check the website in the video before you try it yourself.

Direct link to the Absinthe site:  www.absinthejailbreak.com

For the most current version of the jailbreak at the time of this video use the links below.


Quick Jailbreak Guide:

1.  Download Absinthe 2.0 from the links above.

2.  Make sure to backup your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch prior to the jailbreak.

3.  Open Absinthe on your computer.

4.  Plug in your iDevice

5.  When recognized, press the jailbreak button.

6.  Come back some time later and if all has gone well, your device is now jailbroken.