if i had glass


Google has been slowly revealing what Project Glass is all about over the past year or so.  Last year those that attended Google’s yearly developer conference, I/O were given the chance to preorder the glasses for a hefty $1500 which reserved them a spot to try out the glasses in early 2013.  Now that 2013 is here, Google is giving the chance to the consuming public to try them out for themselves as well.  For a chance to try out the glasses, Google has asked for a 50 word or less description of what you would do with Google’s Project Glass by posting to Google+ or Twitter using the hash tag #ifihadglass.The catch to trying them out? I you are chosen in their lottery style contest, you too have to fork over $1500 and pick them up at a launch event in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles.  While this might seem like a lot for a pair of glasses with a camera, it does give you the opportunity to be one of the first to try out the latest innovation from the Goog.

Google has also given us a taste of what users of the Project can expect in their most recent experience video.  The most stylish piece of tech they aren’t, but the possibilities Glass could just be the next big thing in tech.

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