This isn’t the first time we’ve seen iPad cases leak out prior to a new design of an Apple product.  This case leak comes courtesy of MiniSuit with a design that is consistent with the iPad mini and back case design leaked in previous photos by 9to5mac.  As you can see from the photo, the iPad design is more narrow, but would have the same size screen by simply reducing the bezel on the sides of the display.  Along with the case leak, MiniSuit claims that the official release of the iPad 5 is set for a June appearance.  A June release would fall in line with what some analysts have said about when the next iPhone will show up.

As with all Apple rumors, this is speculation.  However, case manufacturers usually do get to work early in time to have some products available as close as possible to when new Apple products come to market.  A June release is not out of character for Apple’s yearly spring products as they have used this time frame to launch previous iDevices.  The design direction that the leaks are showing also seem to follow suit with the latest batch of products from Apple.

Many thanks to Steve at MiniSuit for the story.